Self-Hosted Maps Download pre-rendered OpenStreetMap tiles of an area.

This service is especially for you, if you…:

…want to display a nice slippy tiled web map on your site.

…want to protect your users privacy by avoiding any third-party mapping services — or your site is on intranet without public internet access.

…want to simply host the static tile images you really need, without operating a resource-intensive tile server and geographic database.

…want to respect Tile Usage Policy of, which prohibits bulk downloading from their own tile servers.

How it works?


Greeenwich Park

Max zoom level: 18. 1118 Tiles.

Download (67.0 MB)
World Map

Max zoom level: 8. 87381 Tiles.

Download (601.1 MB)

Max zoom level: 16. 7546 Tiles.

Download (337.2 MB)

Generate your own tiles to self-host!

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The service is currently in experimental, MVP status. Currently you can freely generate maps using up to 10000 tiles. We plan to offer paid services later.


If you have questions, feel free to email me at me@ this domain.